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Ashley Furniture Frequently Asked Questions on Motion (reclining)

Ashley Furniture Industries kindly supplied us with a number of common questions from their consumers.

Q: Will this Recliner Fit in My car?

Ashley: The backs to our recliners are removable. Our recliners fit in many cars.

Q: Are the backs to the sofas removable?

Ashley: At this time, the backs to our sofas are
NOT removable.

Q: What is Direct Drive Gravity Recliner Mechanism?

Ashley: The recliner mechanism is controlled by the customer shifting their body weight to provide for infinite reclining positions. The Direct Drive prevents sagging by engaging the left and right sides of the ottoman simultaneously.

Q: What is the seat spring construction?

Ashley: Sinuous Coil Springs. We use zig-zag tempered steel for no-sag comfort.

Q: What is the back construction of Ashley Recliners?

Ashley: Pirelli Webbing Material. The webbing is designed to stretch so it does not detach from the frame.

Q: How are the springs attached to the seat box?

Ashley: Teflon Coated Spring Clips are stapled to the frame to reduce noise.

Q: What is the warranty on the recliner frame?

Ashley: Recliner frame has a limited lifetime warranty on the frame.

Q: What is the warranty on the mechanism?

Ashley: Recliner Mechanisms have a 5 (five) year factory warranty.

Q: What is the warranty on the fabric on my recliner?

Ashley: Fabric has a 1 (one) year warranty on workmanship.

Q: Does this recliner have a Solid Hardwood Frame?
Ashley: We use engineered woods that are stronger and less likely to warp and crack. They are also less susceptible to changes in temperature and humidity.

Q: What is Engineered Wood?
Ashley: Engineered wood panels are MADE FROM REAL WOOD pieces that remain
after a tree has been milled into lumber. The wood is cleaned and refined then combined with ultra-strong adhesives under heat and pressure. The resulting panels are laboratory tested to meet the stringent American National Standards Institute (ANSI) for furniture grade wood panel products.

Q: What are the advantages of engineered wood?
Ashley: Engineered wood is a superior performing wood product. It provides
consistent, uniform strength that is free from defects. It is extremely durable. It resist warping, cracking and splitting. It has NO knots or Voids.

Q: Is Engineered Wood Solid and Durable?

Ashley: Engineered wood is free of defects that can often be unseen in conventional wood materials. Because of the engineering process, it has the strength and durability of products 25% thicker.

Q: What is MDF? (Medium Density Fiber-Board)

Ashley: Wood Chips and Fibers are bonded together to produce a very dense construction material that is inert (does not expand and contract) and not susceptible to changes in temperature and humidity. It is the same material that workshop bench tops are made from. The material is tested to resist water absorption.

Q: What are the advantages to MDF?

Ashley: Durable, Strong, good substrate to lay veneers over.

Q: Will the fabric hold up on this Recliner?

Ashley: All of our fabrics are abrasion and quality tested to 10,000 rubs for long lasting beauty and performance.

Q: Do you have an All-Leather recliner?

Ashley: All of our leather chairs are Leather Match. We use leather where it matters to make our chairs the most affordable leather chairs on the market.

Q: What is Leather-Match?

Ashley: Leather is used on all seating surfaces and where arms touch. The backs and sides use a Durahide or Durablend Material.

Q: Do you have fabric swatches?

Ashley: We do not have fabric samples. Our fabric materials are very consistent. If you need to match a color, it is best to bring a pillow or cushion from home.

Q: Why do they use a zipper underneath the footrest?

Ashley: Using zippers insures that the fit and finish of the product is always consistent, the material will always be the right fit; never too snug or too loose. (Material will Not be over-stretched or sagging)

Q: Why should I buy an Ashley recliner over other products?
Ashley: The Most Comfortable Chair on the Market. The Easiest to Use Chair on the Market (Simple to Use). The Quietest Chair on the Market

Q: What is so special about your springs?

Ashley: Our Springs are foam filled to allow for quiet operation. You will enjoy the operation of your chair without interrupting others around you.

Q: What do you mean by Dual Mechanism?

Ashley: The right and left scissors that operate the ottoman is driven simultaneously by a dual drive bar that runs East to West eliminating the possibility for sagging ottomans over the life of the chair.

Q: What type of Metal is used to construct the mechanism?

Ashley: We use recycled Tungsten steel. We use recycled Railroad Steel - the same steel that 44-Ton locomotives travel on.

Q: What is the density of the foam used in Ashley recliners?

Ashley: We use both 1.7 and 2.0 foam on our recliners. The larger chairs use a High Resiliency (HR) 2.0 Foam that provides greater support and greater longevity. Foam is measured by the weight of foam in a 1 foot X 1 foot X 1 foot box.

Q: What is HR (High Resiliency) Foam?

Ashley: High Resiliency foam is similar to the NASA engineered Temperapedic Material Foam. It provides greater support and quicker spring-back.

Q: Are the Cushion Cores Fire Retardant ?

Ashley: Our Products meet or exceed all Fire Retardant requirements.

Q: Will this recliner Squeak after I use it for a while?

Ashley: We use a specially engineered Nylon material called Delrin that never needs lubrication. It was developed by DuPont for the medical industry and never needs lubrication because it draws moisture from the air to act as a lubricant.

Q: Do I need to oil my recliner to keep it from squeaking?

Ashley: see above.

Q: What do you mean by saying you build a recliner from the ground up?

Ashley: We realize that the mechanism is the greatest stressed component of the recliner. Because of this, we use an all-steel construction mechanism that is built from the ground-up.

Q: Why Not make a chair first and add the mechanism?

Ashley: Chairs that use this method of construction are more likely to fail where the mechanism and the wood frame meet. You cannot match the strength of steel (ours) versus steel on wood construction

Q: Do you have wall-huggers?

Ashley: We have O-Wall Recliners.

Q: Can I change this mechanism to swivel or glide?

Ashley: Our Recliners do not offer the option to change the mechanism. However, we offer a number of different recliners that have different reclining features such as wall away, glide, or swivel

Q: How many types of recliner release mechanisms do you make?
  1. Outside Handle (standard)

  2. Low Leg recliner ("push-Off")

  3. Inside Parachute-Pull (Pocket Release)

  4. Outside Pull

  5. Lounger Mechanism

  6. Power

Q: Can I buy parts, or a new mechanism, to my (old) recliner?

Ashley: We keep a steady stream of parts available even after a particular model has been discontinued.

Q: Do you have Power Recliners?
Ashley: Yes. We have Power Recline Mechanisms in our Chairs, our Sofas (and Loveseats), Sectionals and Home Theater Seating

Q: Can I get this manual recliner in Power?
Ashley: Many of our models come in BOTH manual and Power. 25+ Models in Power.

Q: What is the advantage of Power over Manual?
Ashley: Easy to Use. Provides reclining capability to those that have difficulty
operating manual recliner (Closing the Mechanism) Greater Range of Motion.

Q: What is the warranty on the Power mechanism?

Ashley: One Year. Parts and Labor. Built by Okin to Ashley's Specifications.

Q: Do you have massage chairs?

Ashley: A number of our reclining sofas and loveseats offer dual motor massage.

Q: Do you have Lift Chairs?
Ashley: No. We have Power Reclining chairs that operate at the touch of a button

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